Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My name is Yariana Triay. I am nineteen years old and currently majoring in Elementary education. Ever since I could remember I dreamt of becoming a teacher. I remember as a child placing my stuffed animals all over my room with a paper and pen in front of each. I had my very own chalk and marker board. I played teacher all day in my room until dinner time. My mom always knew I wanted to become a teacher. Throughout high school I took four years of early education and did lots of volunteer hours in different preschools and elementary schools. After graduation I worked in two different schools as an after school teacher and as a kindergarten summer camp counselor. I have loved every single ounce of experience I have gained while working with children. In my opinion, children are the best people to work with. They will never put a frown on your face. I have gone to work in the worst of moods, and children always manage to put a smile on my face. They are young and full of energy and they have the desire to learn. Teaching is the basic foundation of society. Thanks to teachers we have doctors, lawyers, cops, dentists and every other career. Teachers shape and mold the lives of children and they are very crucial in the first 15 years of a child’s life. Becoming a teacher has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl and it is a dream I hope to accomplish. After finishing my first two years here at Miami Dade and receiving an associates, I plan to transfer to Florida International University where I hope to major in Elementary Education. I would like to find a job in an Elementary school working as a kindergarten or first grade teacher, being that is my favorite age group. Even though becoming an Elementary teacher is my dream, my biggest goal and strive in life is to open up my own preschool. I would love to run my own school and handle everything that goes on. I enjoy setting up activities and brainstorming creative and fun ways in which children can learn. After working in a preschool, I realized that was definitely what I wanted to do. I worked not only hands on with the children, but I also helped around in the office and got the inside scoop of what exactly it is to run your own school. Well I hope my dream of becoming a teacher and my dream of opening my own preschool do work out. I am going to strive and work my hardest to reach them. I am looking forward to this class and I know it will help me advance and expand my knowledge towards my career.

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